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Mirando Chiropractic Center does not participate with any insurance companies except Medicare. We do this in an effort to keep our overhead and bookkeeping costs low so that we may pass this along to you, the patient.

However, we are pleased to assist you with determining out-of-network insurance benefits related to Chiropractic care, massage therapy, and custom fitted orthotics. We can also assist you with filing your insurance claims, including Medicare.

Please contact our Office Manager, Scott Holland, if you have any questions. You may also download a copy of our Financial Policy here.

A Word About Medicare and Chiropractic Services

Please note that Dr. Mirando is a participating provider with Medicare and therefore will accept assignment on all Medicare claims. However, there are certain services that Medicare doesn’t pay for which are as follows:

  • Medicare does not pay for your initial examination even though this examination is required in order to demonstrate that Chiropractic care is medically necessary. The fee for the initial examination is currently $137.
  • Medicare does not pay for any x-rays taken in our office. While not officially required by Medicare in order to demonstrate medical necessity, x-rays (or similar studies) are the most common way to support the findings from your initial examination. The fees for x-rays currently range from $86 for the cervical spine, $101 for the thoracic spine, and $106 for the lumbar spine.
  • Medicare does not pay for massage therapy.
  • Medicare does not pay for orthotics.

Some supplemental insurance plans may provide coverage for these services and also your annual Medicare deductible. Typically though, these plans will only cover your Medicare co-pays after your Medicare deductible has been satisfied. We encourage you to contact your supplemental insurance provider directly to find out more about your individual plan.

After your initial examination and x-rays are completed, Medicare will provide coverage for a limited amount of treatment during the calendar year. Should your condition require additional treatment than Medicare will cover, we will offer it to you at a reduced fee that is based on your diagnosis.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about Medicare and Chiropractic Services.

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